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  • check how it works:
  • mechanism that gives the machine the feel of a classic coil with the hit at end of the stroke. Its strong and snappy but when you press harder the machine is leaving skin with less trauma,
  • works fast and solid for both lining and colouring,
  • recommended voltage for lining: 7.8V, for shading: 6.5V. Max voltage: 9V,

(Since December 2021 slightly different motors are being used. They have the same work characteristics but are operating on lower voltages. Voltage recommended for machines bought before December is 9.5V for lining and 8.2V for shading)

  • 3.5mm stroke, 
  • RCA connection is available on demand. Add a note on checkout,
  • weight: 120g,
  • easy tube vise locking system,
  • aluminium body,
  • Maxon motor,
  • powder coat finish,
  • made in Poland 

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